Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just one of those days

Today was just one of those days where everything went right! I want to start an "I Am GratefulFor..." string of posts. I like the number 15. So it will be 15 days of "I am Gratefuls."

Today's post cannot be discussed without accounting for yesterday.
6:14ish - In an attempt to describe me in 6 words, a challenge prompted by Hemingway (I apologize for initially accrediting this to Elliot), a very insightful word-- for which I cannot take credit for was brought up: HYDRATED. For those of you that know me there are two reasons for this obsession with agua and they are as follows:

1. I am the most PARANOID person when it comes to getting sick. Drinking water makes me feel like I am more likely to flush out any possibility of cold or virus. I drink a tall glass before bed every night because I feel like it keeps all the sugar I eat from sticking to my throat. I know, its weird.
2. I get nervous a lot, and when I don't know what to do with myself I drink water.

---This feels like the right time to do this so I will. I just wanted to express a special thanks to my brother Josh, who for countless years would get me a tall water of Ice-cold water every night before bed since I can remember. Much love Josh!---

8:ooish - My hydration gets me all the time, so I ran/waddled from a friends house to my apartment. And, though I did restrain myself from doing so, there were multiple times Becca Jayne Schmidt goaded me to pick a patch of grass to water. When I made it home, I bolted for the bathroom and before I knew it I heard a loud CLUNK. My cellphone had fallen in the toilet bowl! So I soaked my phone in rice.
920-11:30ish - Walmart run. Where Becca, Maureen and I got the sweetest materials for Halloween costumes!!
11:30 ish - Checked the phone and it was going wild taking pictures endlessly but not turning on.
8:14 AM (this time i remember distinctly) - My phone was resurrected.

So, can you guess what I am thankful for? Of course. Its obvious...

I am thankful for RICE.

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