Thursday, October 7, 2010

Batman and Robin

From barely six to five-foot-two,
our differences are but a very few
But some are hard to set aside
like how she drives and I just ride.
Too bad I came from a metro city
Cause me and cars are kinda, lets just say-- iffy?

At times we get into those moods
that make us bond and eat good foods.
But, then my belly looks like it has a baby
well, actually not really, no definitely-- maybe?

On days that we have lots of vigor
Our plans for the night get big and bigger,
Like when we thought packing snow was fun,
and how we made the chicken feet run.

One time we had this crazy, messy, exciting, showdown date
and soon after the visit to Costa Vida worked out like fate.

Never a moment comes thats dull
In fact even when its serious we like to talk, mull.

From then to this, the truth is simple:
Becc and Nik, a smile and a dimple.

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