Saturday, October 16, 2010

All I wanna do is dream. Dream, dream, dream...

So I've been thinking about my dreams lately. I don't mean the kind that come to you when you're in the REM stage of sleep, I mean, the kind of dream that moves you to make decisions. BIG ONES.
By definition, a dream is that which upon accomplishment elicits emotions of joy, pleasure, gladness and rejoicing (you can thank oxford for that denotation). Since happiness is a condition of the heart, I would argue that when we are happy, we are living our dreams whether we realize it or not. While I do have some dreams that I hope will unfold in the future I'm putting those dreams on hold. This is not because I think they are unrealistic, but because I have bigger dreams outside of myself. When I say that I mean that as much as I love writing and studying Romantic Literature, I really do feel that its something that can wait.
I am slowly understanding that my happiness depends on how well I can accept the decisions I make. When I was 14, I wrote in my journal that I would study nursing and after that, I could pursue any other avenue of academia I wanted. My mother would probably not believe this if she read it, but yes, I am reverting back to that "dream." Its pretty competitive to get into the nursing program here at BYU but I want to give it a shot. Hopefully, nursing is willing to take a shot on me!

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  1. I'm glad to see you still at BYU. Nursing is competitive, but I think you could do it.