Friday, May 6, 2011

The Finally I can list and the New Shift

Finally, I can...

walk to campus without a jacket at 8:00 am and expect the weather to stay beautiful until I get off campus at 8:00pm

wear sandals and shorts and capris and get my legs tan again

go on a tandem bike ride

make more than just $65.75 a week

have the time to read

find ripe watermelon

paint my nails extra bright orange or pink and not feel out-of-season

sleep in until 10 three days a week

see greenery and color sprouting from the trees and shrubbery around campus

consider camping and not have to worry too much about being so cold at night

have a better selection of produce at the market

feel justified in purchasing Alba's Botanical Sunblock that I have been wanting for weeks ever since I tried a sample, from what unfortunately was not a test bottle....oops

go bathing suit shopping!

get serious about getting to my beach-body worthy goal...which should have started weeks ago...but has been rejuvenated by the perfect jog-the-pounds off weather

...I could go on FOREVER...

There are many very good things happening right now but the one thing I figured I'd share was the added benefits of working the night shift at the BYU bookstore. I start at 5pm and get off at 8pm. Between those hours I can be counted lucky if I get more than a dozen customers through my line. So what do I do with all the free time on my hands?... I indulge. Indulge in the array of cookbooks that line the shelves behind my register and in the rows of non-fiction books that lie about five feet away from me. It is a cook-lovers, non-fiction-fanaticist dream come true. Thank goodness that combination of literary genre is exactly me :)

My absolute favorite read is Cook's Illustrated. It is the best! Many of my culinary quandaries have been answered already!