Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look what I found!

(This would be my oh cool, look how excited I am about what I just found face)

I was looking through some older documents in my word files and found this paragraph from ages ago...and I'm talking like pre-high school. I'd been looking for it and finally I found it on one of my older flash drives.

Maybe I will finish it someday but for now here's what i got:

Years mean nothing when a day can steal a future. Goals, logs, deadlines, even dreams fall faster then they build. 3 seconds to be exact. That was how long it took to lose mine. My part of town was a little different than others. It was still in New York, and right outside of the city but its was right next to a bay so smelling the water wasn't strange at all. Summer days were always cooler with the bay breeze shooting its salty-fresh smell our way of town. Misses Beasley lived two doors down from mine, and walking by her house was like walking over a rickety old bridge, that felt like it was going to fall apart if you took another step. She lived alone, and everything about her was old, dilapidated and stale.

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