Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Oldies

I have a thing for old people-music-stuff etcetera etcetera... Today, I went to the Jamestown Courtyard Retirement Home with a friend, only it didn't feel anything like a retirement home. We walked into what looked liked the lobby of the Plaza hotel and right before us was a massive and fully adorned dining room where elderly men, women, and couples were chowing down what appeared to be a gourmet meal on some really fancy set tables. I know, I know, not the average retirement home by far!

this is a picture of one of their tables, cute huh?

Anyways I got to play bingo with some of them and it was such a good time! The ladies I sat with were so vibrant, and they reminded me of the little kids I used to babysit because they were so friendly and fun to be around.

I realized two things while at the retirement home:
1. When I step outside of myself I feel happier
2. Everyone appreciates genuine friendship

I loved it. Can't wait for Saturday morning when we do manicures! Wish I had taken a picture with them!

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