Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 24 A picture of something you wish you could change

(This would be my what am I doing as an English Major?!?!?! face..I think the lighting gives it that "I just had an epiphany touch" )

So at first, I was SOLD on being an ENGLISH TEACHING major. Why? Because I don't think you will find anyone as in love with the genre of Romantic Literature like I am. I was convinced that I would teach High School to convince all my students that literature is AWESOME. But then as I was taking all my english classes I realized I was BORED out of mind. Yeah, once in a while I'd be so engrossed in the material it was a bit ridiculous but for the most part I just wasn't feeling so passionate about the English Teaching dream anymore.
I've recently changed my academic route of study to nursing. Its dang hard. But, I do wish I had made this my decision the first time around.
.... But don't worry...If you ever need someone to talk to about literary critical analysis, I'm your gal. I still have those weird, nerdy itches to talk about literature and all of its mechanics

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  1. as long as you are happy nik- its the right thing :)