Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Voice 123

A very unexpected work-at-home opportunity has presented it self. Though, there really aren't any promises to this job, it certainly is a fun one. I signed up at VOICE 123, a "voice marketplace" where I am able to receive information on projects that need voice-overs. I am hoping that I get the opportunity to narrate audiobooks.

Today I recorded my first audition for a voice-over project dealing with a daily horoscope reading venture. Since I am new to this, it was quite an experience to read the auditionary script (hmmm auditionary? is that really word?) in English, and Spanish, and French, and German.

My general voice demo, was recorded in all four languages as well, but-- it happened to be an ad for coffee. So big time disclaimer there! Coffee, or Cafe, or Kaffe is big no-no for me!

Dinner tonight was great. I made some Bread, Soup and Shrimp. As Josh always says in his very monotone voice, "this is good."

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