Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back With The Fams

So, I've left Provo and moved to Fort Worth, Texas for the Spring and Summer. Coming home to be with my family is always interesting. My brother Josh, is only 11 so its great to be around someone with so much energy. Speaking of energy, thats something that seems harder to come by when I can sleep in all I want, eat all I want, and do absolutely nothing all I want. Isn't it amazing how a couple weeks without school or work can just totally reconfigure your biological time-clock?

This is why I have decided to establish a regimen that will hopefully allow me to stay up to date with my reading, work on my writing and get me ready for the beach. Instead of reading one book monthly, I've decided I have time to read four, and that with whatever time I have left I can exercise, and develop some new recipes to go into a college-cookbook I'm trying to put together. My parents are quite ambitious when it comes to healthy living, so I'm also trying to revamp my diet. Here it goes!

My First two weeks in Texas has been devoted to quite a bit of cooking... Bon Appetite!

Grandma's Pizza

Oven Roasted Chicken with Rosemary-Lemon butter glaze

Berry Bread Pudding (It was our Mother's Day breakfast)

Hopefully, I can control myself and the next meals I cook for my family will be more "figure-friendly."

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