Monday, April 11, 2011

Lists. I happen to be the kind of person that makes lists of everything. I like them because they help me make plans.

I make lists of:

things to do
places to go
things to eat
books to read
people to call
dreams to achieve
goals to fulfill
friends to email
birthdays to recall
songs to purchase
restaurants to try
attributes to improve
chores to get done
movies to watch or re-watch

These days, most of my lists have been:

majors to consider
jobs to apply for
utility bills to pay
housing options to check out
habits to mend
classes to register
easter preparations to make
general conference talks to read
bridal showers to attend

and it goes on and on...

At the beginning of every new year the phrase, "a goal not written is merely a wish" is repeated over and over again in my home. My mom will make her rounds at night and come into my brothers room and then my room and ask us if we've written our goals down yet. When its New Years Eve and we get to the part where we share our goals, its always funny to hear my mom ask each our family members questions like, have you made a time frame for that? how will you measure your achievements? do you think thats specific enough? Most of the time we snicker at how seriously my mom takes goal making. But, her goal-making, plan-building, dream-forming obsessions have carried over! And while all these lists I make are just a small part of my planning addictions I like knowing that I have dreams and desires. Some are smaller than others, and some are pretty big and they stretch on into forever. But, i think this may be the best thing that has ever rubbed off on me from my mom.

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