Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dim Sum

Today, a customer came into my line that told me he was New York City bound for the summer. I was super excited for him and we made a deal that every time he came through my line until he left he would ask me to recommend one place for him to visit.

I told him about an awesome Dim Sum place on China town. This place is amazing!! Its called Jing Fong on Elizabeth Street. If you want the real chinese-canton style experience this is it!! The restaurant is the size of a football field and Dim Sum is very affordable. The room is filled with chinese women, who don't speak a word of english, pushing carts of bamboo steamers. The best way to communicate is just to point at what you want, but trust me everything is good so you really can't go wrong.
What do i recommend?

the shrimp dumplings. the rice noodle rolls. the deep fried prawns. the stuffed sticky rice in lotus leaves. the egg tarts. the char siu spare ribs. the shao mai. the ta-hu. and of course, the chicken feet.

its the best. guaranteed.

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