Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Goals

At this time of year its absolutely expected that my mom will begin talking about her new year's resolutions. And, it is sure that she will be repeating to Josh her favorite phrase, "a goal not written is merely a wish."
I don't think we've missed a year where weight-loss has been the number one goal. In fact, for the past few days or so all I have heard as we have been surveying Fort Worth eateries and having dangerously delectable meals is, "this is going to be one of my last times to eat this." Whats funny to me is that we're by no means heavy-set people. My moms 5'2 and 116 and she thinks she's over-weight!

This year I'm doing my goals a little differently. It has been said, It doesn't really matter what direction you take, if you don't know where you are going. I have a pretty good idea where I'm going so all my goals are geared to get me there. The destination? Nursing School by January of 2012. While I also have other places I'd like to be, this one is the top priority, at least I think it is in reference to my future. So what does this mean? More efforts on studying because if there is anything thats sure, its that me and science are as different as oil and vinegar. But, I also know if I take care of the important things first, and also prepare myself spiritually, it will all fall into place.

Some Goal Brainstorming
I realize these are A LOT so I going to be narrowing them down

Read a book aside from academic curriculum monthly
Get 8-9 hours of sleep everyday
Never go to class unprepared
BoM reading every morning
Exercise 3/week for 45 min
Lose 15 lbs.
Give away a BoM quarterly
News 15min/day
Remember everyone's birthday on my list. Send cards.
Journal EVERYDAY, but focus on the Lord's hand in my life
Live by my budget plan every month
Continue with my one burger a week rule
Only eat out once a week
License by June
Attend ALL my classes
Smile at all costs
VT every month

This one goal is pushing it but i want to see if i can do it.
I already have Everything i need in my wardrobe department.
Ahh, its struggle even to type this out.
Goal: Do not buy any clothes/shoes until Jan 1, 2012.

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