Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Holiday

I guess I'm just in posting type-of-a-mood.

Christmas 2010 was very different from most Christmases. Without family in town, we went out for dinner Christmas Eve.

We spent it with my Dad's side of the Family and it was an incredible time.
Our morning was simple and we opened some presents and had cinnamon rolls and
scrambled eggs but the real fun came at about 1:00pm when we got to Oklahoma.
We pulled into Uncle Gene's front yard and could see a fire going on the porch and decorations all over. Grandpa Ken came out to greet us as did Grandma Leah and the rest of our family.
It was wonderful. The table was set with white linens and red ribbons and silverware.
The fire was lit and boy did the house smell good. We had ribs, turkey, salads, sweet potatoes, green beans, mash potatoes, rolls, rice pudding, and Aunt Kim's wonderful cheesecake and apple pie. It was a Holiday feast! Everything felt so good. We did some shooting with My Dad's new rifle and spent the rest of the night playing games, watching videos, opening some presents and talking. I love listening to the talk with their southern dialect. It is beautiful! Family is just the right place to be this time of year. Hope all y'all's Christmases were merry and bright!

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