Thursday, January 14, 2010

What We Have Loved, Others Will Love

I decided that I should take the time to explain the purpose of this blog. Aside from the academic criterion that has been set by my Literary Critical Theory class, I am excited to know that this can be a chance to fall in love with literature all over again.

It was Wordsworth who wrote, "What we have loved, Others will love, and we will teach them how." After reading several passages from David H. Richter's compilation, Falling into Theory, I gathered sometimes the best way to learn from literature is to let "the text work on us, not we on it."

Let the "working" begin!


  1. I love the Wordsworth quote! I just might steal it.

  2. It's true, that's a great quote. I liked the whole speech. Many times I also wish that people could understand how great some of books that I like are.